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Product Name: soft gum candy machine/starch mogul machine/mogul jelly production line manufacturers
Product Description
Product Description

Product Application
This production line is designed to produce all kinds of starch-moulded candies
such as jelly and gummy (pectin, Arabic gum, gelatin, agar-agar,carrageenan etc.,).
The whole line includes the following parts:
1. Cooking system;
2. Starch tray conveyor and loader;
3. Starch conditioning;
4. Depositors.
5. Accessories.


Main performance parameters
Production capacity
8000-20000 kg / 8 hours (depends on the shape of the products)
Power consumption
  (380v 50hz)
Cooking system
  Depositors   40kw
Starch conditioning
Steam volume
steam pressure higher than 0.8MPa
Water consumption
Depends on the production situation
Compressed air
7-8m³/ min (Compressed air pressure 0.6MPa)
2-4°C cold water
0.35m³/ min


 Machine Show                                                                                            -1-4-2-3

Main Features

The candy shapes can be customized.

Equipment working environment temperature 22-25°C, humidity less than 55%


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