Cold Heading Products:

CNC Machined Products:

As a professional global supplier of Industrial basic parts, Our products include high quality screws, bolts, nuts, washer, nails, pins and other special and non-standard stamping parts, machining parts, cold pressed parts for the industries of machine tool electrical apparatus, low-voltage electrical apparatus and customized aluminum and Iron forging products based on IATAF16949 standard.

General Data:

Finish: Black, Zinc, Plain, Black Oxide, Zinc Plated, Blue Dyed, Cadmium Plated, Zinc-aluminum Coated, Chrome Plated, Zinc-Flake Coated, Silver Plated, Blue Anodized

Material: Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, NICKEL, Bronze

Place of Origin: Ningbo, China

Brand Name: NEWTANG

Standard: customized

1. Product name: fasteners

2. Dimension: According to custom’s sample

3. Tolerance: +/-0.01 or custom

4. OEM & ODM: Yes

5. Head Style: Pan, Truss, Button, Flat, Oval, Fillister, Round, HEX, Cheese, Binding and special customized

6. Thread: UNC/UNF/others customized

7. MOQ: According to the product

8. Quality: High intensity, salt spray test more than 24 hours

9. Experience: Since 2005

10. Inspection: 100% factory inspection in house

11. After-sale service: Yes

12. Certification: ITAF16949:2016

13. Trade terms: FOB, CIF, CNF, EXW

14. Applications: machinery, electrical, mechanical equipment, furniture, daily commodity

Production tools:

CHUN ZU Automatic Cold Heading Machine

Advantages: Multi-station, capable of producing complex and high precision products and the minimum precision can be controlled within the 0.02 range.

Chien Tsai Automatic Threading Rolling machine

Advantages: Good performance, high stability and stable product quality.

CNC lathe

Advantages: Good performance, high stability and stable product quality.

Quality Control:

We use Projector and Automatic sorting machine to ensure the quality of our products

Supply Ability:

The capacity of cold heading workshop is 100 million per year.

The capacity of CNC workshop is 10 million per year

Packaging Details:

1. Inner packaging: PP bag, bubble bag, plastic wrap etc.

2. Outer packaging: carton, wooden case, pallet etc.

3. According to customers’ requirement.

Port: Ningbo

What details is in need for a quote?

1) Official drawing or Draft & Scretch or picture with dimension details.

2) Raw Material

3) Surface finish

4) Estimated quantity for one order or one year.

5) Something you thought it’s important….